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    Ancients applyment =DD



    Ancients applyment =DD

    Post by Ancients on Wed Dec 24, 2008 3:44 pm

    Name- Aivars

    age- 20

    how can we contact U- Apocaliptic2266 (skype)

    Nick- Ancientsamurai

    class- Treasure hunter

    lvl- 75 so far xD

    game experience- 4 + years, beena clan ally leader in few servers in the Top clans.. lets just say that i know how to play =D..

    other servers in whitch U have played- just like lithuenne, escapeserver, extreme, paradise, abyss and now this sunrise, and sooo many high rates that i cant memorize them all. xD

    Why our clan- because Lithuenne plays here, thats why =D

    P.S. Since i am always late so this applyment for cln comes only when im already in clan for a few months
    Very Happy Very Happy

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